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How to Watch Channel 4 On-Demand Outside UK

Watch Channel 4 Abroad Anywhere in the World

Summary – If you are originally from the UK, or just know a thing or two about British television then some of your favorite shows must be on Channel 4.

If you happen to be outside the UK, however, then you won’t be able to watch channel 4.

Channel 4 On-Demand is blocked for anyone outside the UK due to copyright issues.

The best and easiest to watch Channel 4 on-demand outside the UK is by using a VPN.

For excellent streaming of Channel 4 live, the best VPN is Cyberghost – Get exclusive offer with 45-day money back guarantee

How to subscribe to Channel 4 on demand website

Whether you are used to watching channel 4 live on television, or simply never got the chance to stream Channel 4 shows on-demand, you would need to subscribe on the website.

Here is a short guide on how to register to Channel 4 on demand in less than 30 seconds.

  1. Register on Channel 4 – it is a simple form to fill, even if you are not a UK resident.
  2. UK Postcode – If you are trying to watch Channel 4 from the US, for example, and you are not a UK resident then you have no postcode. No worries, simply click and choose a random UK Postcode and copy+paste it to the form.
    how to watch channel 4 on demand outside UK
    Taken from:https://www.geopostcodes.com/City_of_London
  3. Get Adobe Flash Player – Believe it or not, Channel 4 streaming uses this old technology. Most computers have it installed already, but in case you don’t you would be asked to install it. The whole process would take about 10 seconds, so it’s nothing to worry about.how to watch channel 4 on demand outside UK

How to watch Channel 4 on demand outside UK

Once you are registered and ready to watch your favorite show on Channel 4, you get to choose from two popular choices:

  1. Watch Channel 4 live
  2. Watch Channel 4 Catch up

On Channel 4 live, you basically get to watch the shows as they broadcast in real-time, according to UK time of course.

If you happen to have missed Jamie Oliver’s cook show, you can always choose the Channel 4 Catch-up and watch all the Channel 4 shows you want on-demand.

You get access to watch Channel 4E4More4F1lm4 and 4Seven, and its all free.

Basically, they got you covered.

If however, you are trying to watch Channel 4 in the US, or anywhere outside UK for that matter, you would realize that all content is blocked.

Channel 4, much like all legal streaming platforms is bound by Copyright legislation.

This is the message you would see if you try to access Channel 4 shows outside the UK:

how to watch channel 4 on demand outside UK

For this reason, they cannot allow access to stream its shows from Countries where there are no mutual commercial agreements with.

In the case of Channel 4, there are no such Countries.

In fact, you wouldn’t even be able to watch Channel 4 in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or any other Commonwealth Country.

The easiest solution to unblock Channel 4 geo-restrictions and watch it abroad is to use a VPN.

Use a VPN to watch Channel 4 abroad

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. 

What it does, in a nutshell, is to mask your IP address and give you a fake location according to the server you choose to connect through.

In addition, VPNs also provide extra security layers, that make your online presence completely anonymous and untraceable.

By connecting to a UK server, you can fool Channel 4 IP detection bots into thinking you are in the UK where in fact you could be anywhere in the world.

This allows you to access and watch Channel 4 from outside the UK.

How to set up a VPN for Channel 4 (step-by-step guide)

  1. Choose and install a VPN – See the best VPNs section to see the VPNs recommended for watching Channel 4 outside the UK.
  2. Activate Your VPN client – Once you activate your VPN, connect to a UK server.
  3. Login to channel 4 – using the credentials you registered with, login and start watching on-demand shows or live streams. Enjoy!

Best VPN for watching Channel 4

See below the VPNs I recommend for watching Channel 4 outside UK.

#1 Cyberghost – Best VPN for Channel 4 on demand

Cyberghost VPN takes the lead on this shortlist for two particular reasons, speed and price.

In terms of speed, Cyberghost is the fastest VPN service I’ve tested to date (and I’ve tested plenty).

I measured an average of 88 Mbps. download speed, which is super fast and will give you a great streaming experience.

When it comes to price, Cyberghost currently holds a ‘flash sale’.

You can get this premium VPN for only $2.75 / month for 18 months.

This also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if for some reason you are not happy, you will get a refund – no questions asked.


  • 88 Mbps. download speed for excellent streaming
  • 322 Servers in the UK
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Connect up to 7 devices at the same time

#2 ExpressVPN – Unblock Channel 4 anywhere

ExpressVPN is one of the most advanced VPN services in the world.

It boasts great speed and offers everything you would ever need a VPN for.

It has extremely strong security and privacy protocols and is able to unblock any streaming service out there, including US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

In the speed department, it is not much behind Cyberghost with an 85 Mbps. download speed measured on average.

Pricing-wise, it is a bit steep.

ExpressVPN’s best offer is $6.67/ month for 15 months with a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • 85 Mbps. download speed
  • 6 Available servers in the UK
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Strong privacy and security protocols
  • Connect up to 3 devices at the same time

#3 NordVPN – Watch Channel 4 on demand

NordVPN is a solid reputable VPN.

One of the most notable features it has is the huge amount of worldwide servers you get with NordVPN.

NordVPN also has some unique privacy features such as DoubleVPN which hides your original IP address twice instead of once.

NordVPN is neither impressive in speed nor price, but it is a good VPN overall and would serve you well.

I have measured an average download speed of 56 Mbps. which is not great, but sufficient.

They have recently changed their pricing module, and currently, NordVPN’s best offer is $6.99 for 12 months with a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • 56 Mbps. download speed
  • 549 servers in the UK
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Connect 6 devices at the same time

Bottom Line

Channel 4 is one of the most diverse media channels in the UK, with live and on-demand shows suitable for anyone which is what makes it such a popular channel.

Watching Channel 4 from anywhere outside the UK is impossible due to copyright laws.

For this reason, if you are looking to watch Channel 4 in the US, Australia, Canada or wherever you would need a VPN.

A VPN will fake your location to a UK location and will grant you full access to all the free shows on Channel 4 live or Channel 4 On-Demand.

The best VPN for watching Channel 4 abroad is Cyberghost.

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