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Watch Sports Online Using a VPN

How You Can Watch Sports Online from Anywhere in the World

Summary –  Whether you’re a casual or avid sports fan, you can follow all of your favorite games online.

Learn more about how to use a VPN for sports streaming online.

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If you’re a sports fan, then you know keeping up with all the major and minor sporting events can be an arduous task.

Sometimes it’s simply impossible to watch all your favorite teams either due to your schedule or media blackouts.

Online sports streaming has become increasingly popular with sports fans wanting to watch their favorite games and teams.

You can choose to watch live events or come back later and watch pre-recorded events.

Fans can also access games from other regions of the world they may not normally see on their local broadcasts.

Watching sports online is perfect for both casual and avid sports fans looking to follow their favorite games.

Where to Watch Sports Online?

There are numerous sites where you can watch sports online. Some are connected to premium services while others offer free access to online sports.

A few of the most popular sports streaming services include:

  • Watch ESPN – Live sports streaming from the worldwide leader in sports. Only available for US residents.
  • Watch Sports Online – This is a global sports streaming service with popular and lesser known games available.
  • CBS Sports – Primarily a news and updates channel, you can watch some sports clips. Good for those that want a Sports Center-style update on the most recent games.
  • First Road Sports – Watch sports from all over the world with multiple links to each event.
  • Boss Cast – You can watch live sports based on the time zone you select
  • Ten Sports Live – Watch any events that are broadcast on the Ten Sports Channel.
  • Batman Stream – Watch most any sport you like, including live streaming events from anywhere in the world.

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My Favorite Sporting Event is Blocked! Can I Still Watch It?

Sporting events are largely geo-restricted restricted. This means that you need to be in a specific country or area in order to watch an event.

For example, if you’re an NFL fan living in North Carolina, you may not be able to access the San Francisco 49ers game.

Anyone who wanted to find coverage of the Olympics online is well aware of geo-restrictions as only viewers located in the United States can watch the events online.

A large number of people are actively seeking options for watching the upcoming World Cup online due to geo-restrictions.

When you connect to the internet, providers are able to determine your location based on your IP address.

They set the servers to block addresses from specific locations.

Luckily, there is a way around these blocks and that is by using a VPN to watch online sporting events.

Using a VPN to Bypass Geo-Restrictions and Watch Sporting Events Online

VPN is the best way to get around sporting event geo-restrictions.

What’s VPN you ask? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is one of the most secure ways to use the internet.

When using VPN, you establish an encrypted tunnel to an external server that’s then used to conduct all of your internet activities.

The main way that a VPN helps you watch online sporting events is that it masks your IP address and makes it appear you’re connecting from the country where the VPN server is located.

For example, let’s say you want to watch the 2018 World Cup Games. If you connect to a US VPN server, you will be able to watch the World Cup online.

Benefits of Using a VPN for Live Sports Coverage Online

In addition to bypassing global geo-restrictions on sports, VPN can provide you with a world of benefits for all of your online activities. When you use a VPN, you’ll enjoy:

  • Anonymous Browsing – With VPN you’ll enjoy completely anonymous browsing thanks to IP masking and enhanced data encryption. Nobody will be able to determine your location and therefore you cannot be tracked or blocked from watching sports online.
  • Malware Protection – VPN actively monitors your connection and helps to block malicious code such as Malware and Spyware. This helps to protect you from viruses sent from certain third-party sites that allow you to watch sports online for free.
  • Protect Multiple Devices – Most VPN services allow you to protect multiple devices for one fee. That way you can use your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone to watch sports online and stay protected.

Best VPN for Sports

It doesn’t matter what type of sports you enjoy or where your favorite team is located, you can follow them all by watching sports online.

Thanks to VPN, you can enjoy online sports streaming from anywhere in the world.

If you’re a Rugby fan in Wisconsin or a New York Yankees fan living in Germany, you can still watch your favorite games online.

Best of all, using a VPN for sports is cheaper than going to the games.

Just fix your favorite snacks, grab your favorite beverage, kick back and relax while rooting your favorite teams to victory. VPN and online sports streaming is the perfect choice for modern day sports fans.


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services in the world.

What makes it a great VPN for sports streaming are the following:

  1. Super Fast Speed – Having fast speed with your VPN means you will be able to enjoy smooth sports streaming with no annoying buffering and slow loading times. It also means the picture quality will be good, and this is not something you want to compromise on when watching sports. With ExpressVPN, you will enjoy one of the fastest speeds any VPN can give you.
  2. Big Pool of Geo-Locations and Servers – Depending on the sports event you want to watch, there are different geo-restrictions. You want to have the largest number of geo-location to choose from, so you will be able to unblock the geo-restrictions and you will be able to do it with the fastest servers for your needs. ExpressVPN offers 1500 servers in 95 different countries.

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Although PrivateVPN is largely about security, they have put significant efforts into making their VPN compatible with all streaming services which makes it a great VPN for sports streaming.

PrivateVPN offers only 80 servers in 52 countries, but their VPN speed is not compromised.

It is one of the few VPN’s that can access and unblock any streaming service.

In terms of speed, the sporting events come up instantly and streaming runs smoothly.

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Bottom Line

If you are a sports fan, and want to watch sporting events that are blocked in your country, a VPN is the way for you.

By using a VPN for sports, you will be able to override any geo-restriction, and watch any sporting event anytime and anywhere.

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