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Can’t Access Twitch? Here’s How to Get Twitch Unblocked

Best VPN for Twitch 2019

Summary  – Twitch.tv has transformed the eGaming scene.

There are now millions of gamers worldwide logging into Twitch to watch, share or broadcast games or gaming related news and updates.

Twitch, however, has limited access and you can find yourself blocked from Twitch.

The best and easiest way to get Twitch unblocked is by using a VPN.

For the ultimate streaming experience as well as additional privacy features and cheapest price, my recommendation for the best VPN for Twitch is Cyberghost.

How to Get Twitch Unblocked?

The way Twitch knows who you are, so it can block you, is by identifying you according to your IP address.

Your IP address is your digital fingerprint, and by using this identifier Twitch knows where you are located at, and if you have been previously banned from the site.

The way for you to unblock Twitch is by using a VPN or a Proxy.

Both a VPN and a Proxy service have a similar outcome. Both re-route your IP address and mask you real Geo-location.

By using a VPN for Twitch to change your IP address, you can trick Twitch into thinking you are from the US or any other approved country and gain full access.

The Difference between a VPN and a Proxy to unblock Twitch

As I explained both a VPN and a Proxy end up with a similar result – changing your IP address.

The main difference is that a VPN encrypts your connection, while a Proxy doesn’t.

Although both could work for getting Twitch unblocked, If you are using a Proxy your IP can be revealed.

The more advanced Geo-restricted services like Netflix would still keep you blocked, even while connected through a Proxy.

In addition, a good VPN for Twitch will also provide a speedy connection and extra layers of privacy and security.

To unblock Twitch, I suggest using a VPN over a Proxy. The VPN I recommend is Cyberghost.

Twitch Unblocked (Step by Step Tutorial)

  1. Get a Proxy or VPN for Twitch – See my recommendation for the best VPN for Twitch. I list only the VPN services that will unblock Twitch while enabling the best possible live streaming experience. A VPN that can’t hold streaming properly will not make the cut.
  2. Activate and connect your VPN client – Choose one of the countries that are supported by Twitch. Normally VPN’s have most servers in the US so you should try a US server first which will probably get you the most optimal speed.
  3. Twitch is now unblocked – You can start using Twitch freely! If you feel things are going too slowly, although if you choose one of the VPN’s I tested and recommend this shouldn’t happen, repeat step 2.

What makes Twitch Special?

If you’re into online gaming, then you know all about Twitch.

What makes it unique is that on Twitch, you can watch walkthrough’s, secrets, and guides shared by other players.

It is also the biggest platform in the world where people connect to watch live gaming events online.

In fact, Twitch has grown so big that it gets over 100 million visitors each month, and this number is growing by the day!

It has become such an online phenomenon, that Twitch lures investors from all around the world to sponsor gamers or teams.

There are around 1 million users who broadcast on a regular basis and are making a lot of money doing what they love.

Surely, Twitch has become a self-sufficient eco-system for gamers and gaming fans around the world.

People on Twitch have developed an entire community, and that what makes it so special.

3 Reasons Why Twitch is Blocked For You

Twitch sounds awesome, doesn’t it? So how can you join in? Apparently, there might be several reasons for Twitch to be unavailable to you.

Don’t worry though, getting Twitch unblocked is quite simple as you’ll learn.

#1 Why is Twitch Blocked: Geo-Restrictions – Unless you’re from the US, UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany or France you can’t access Twitch.

Twitch is Geo-restricted to those countries, so if you live somewhere else or are abroad and want to catch up – you simply cannot.

Although Twitch is gradually expanding, There’s a good chance it will never be available in your country if your Government blocks YouTube videos and other social networks and online content.

twitch unblocked

#2 Why is Twitch Blocked: Bandwidth Limitations – Streaming videos take up a lot of bandwidth, especially live videos.

Some, if not most, closed private networks such as the office or school networks pose bandwidth caps.

This is done so the internet connection wouldn’t slow down to a complete stand-still just because someone wanted to watch a live game.

What those networks usually do, is completely block sites like Twitch and YouTube. That way, they don’t have to worry about getting their bandwidth eaten up.

This is why so many people are looking to find solutions to unblock Twitch from school.

A similar experience can also occur in your home. Especially since the recent repeal of Net Neutrality, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can now decide to ‘throttle’ your connection.

This means they can legally limit your bandwidth and connection speed unless you pay extra.

This could very well mean that even if you are in the US, Streaming in general and specifically Twitch, will be too slow to watch.

#3 Why is Twitch Blocked: You’re Banned – You’ve been banned. Yup, twitch has flagged your IP address and banned you for life.

This happens a lot, and not always for a justified reason.

The Twitch community has its own codes of conduct. There are rules, things you can and cannot say or do.

If you go over them, or if for some reason Twitch decides you’ve done something they don’t approve of – you’re out.

Twitch unblocked

What to look for in a VPN for Twitch

Twitch is heavy on live streams, chats and high-quality graphics.

The best VPN for unblocking Twitch ought to be very strong in terms of speed, have a large number of servers and be fairly priced.

Some VPN’s also have additional features which make them dedicated VPN’s for streaming.

Speed – After running an endless amount of tests I came to the conclusion that for a good streaming experience, the desired speed should be a minimum of 70 Mbps (download speed only).

Anything below 70 Mbps., will cause slow loading times, buffering and low-quality picture.

Number of Servers – For getting twitch unblocked you basically need servers in at least one of the countries where the service is available at.

However, some VPN’s will have 1 server in the US, while others can offer more than 15 different servers in the US alone.

The more servers you can access the faster your VPN connection will be and the less likely it would be for the streaming services to flag those servers out.

Pricing – You might be looking to unblock Twitch now, but as long as you’re getting a VPN, why not get one that’ll have additional privacy features to it?

Maybe a VPN that also can unblock Netflix while outside the US?

The price range for VPN’s is quite cheap, but then it is up to you whether to get a premium VPN or a free VPN that will get Twitch unblocked and that’s all.

Best VPN’s for Getting Twitch Unblocked 2019

All the VPN services that made the cut on my list are those who got high scores at speed, servers, and price.

All my recommendations were tested and verified to unblock Twitch.

#1 CyberGhost – Lightning speed streaming 

So far the fastest VPN I’ve ever tested! Cyberghost reached a Download speed average of 88 Mbps. across multiple servers and locations.

This means you can live stream games and events, engage in chats and pretty much do everything you can on Twitch without feeling that you’re connecting through a VPN.

Cyberghost offer a very good number of servers, with 2800 servers across 60 countries.

Additional Features:

  • AES-256 bit encryption over 3 security protocols.
  • Kill-Switch
  • DNS Leak prevention
  • Compatible with Gaming consoles.

Cyberghost is currently one of the cheapest VPN’s in the market.

Their best offer is an 18 months subscription for only $2.75/month.

Get Cyberghost for Twitch – 30-day money back guarantee

#2 ExpressVPN – Best VPN to unblock Twitch

ExpressVPN is notably, one of the fastest VPN services out there.

I have tested an average download speed of 85 Mbps. across different servers and Geo-locations.

With ExpressVPN you gain access to a huge pool of servers and countries to connect through.

They offer 1500 servers in 95 countries. That’s nearly worldwide coverage.

Additional features:

  • Highly secure and private connection with 256-bit AES encryption on 4 interchangeable security protocols.
  • Kill-Switch.
  • DNS Leak Protection.
  • Compatible with Routers, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, Android and more.
  • Automatic server detection for optimal streaming speeds.

In terms of pricing, ExpressVPN is considered on the top tier.

It is more expansive the many VPN services, but it is also one of the best VPN’s in the market, so you get what you pay for.

The best pricing plan ExpressVPN is offering is a 12 Months subscription for $6.67/month.

You get an extra 3 months for free and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Get ExpressVPN for Twitch – Discounted Offer 

#3 Ivacy- Great for Gamers

Ivacy is one of the best VPNs for gamers, with great features which work really well for unblocking Twitch.tv and for online gaming in general.

One of Ivacy’s biggest perks is its exclusive offer, which is the best value VPN deal currently in the market.

Specifically for gamers, Ivacy can stop DDoS attacks, reduce latency (Ping), and offers optimized P2P servers.

They offer 450 servers in 100 Countries overall, which is a fairly good coverage.

Additional Features:

  • AES-256 bit encryption over 4 security protocols.
  • No-throttling
  • Kill-Switch
  • Compatible with Routers, Gaming consoles, iOS, Android, Kodi and more.
  • Strict no-logs policy
Ivacy’s best (exclusive) offer is a 5-year subscription for only $1.41/month – That’s 85% savings and is cheaper than what you would pay with any other VPN for just 1 year. Get Offer >

They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Get Ivacy Exclusive Offer

Free VPN for Twitch

A middle ground between using a Proxy service and a VPN, is by using a free VPN service for Twitch.

Using a free VPN has many disadvantages in comparison to a premium VPN, such as slower speed, fewer Countries to connect through and weaker security.

If however, you’re on a tight budget and are willing to compromise on quality I recommend you check out TunnelBear.

You can get up to 1 GB of data with a very easy to use interface.

The only downside is an average of 35 Mbps. download speed which will have implications on your streaming quality – but hey, it’s free.

Get TunnelBear here

Bottom Line

Twitch is an incredible platform for gamers and eGaming enthusiasts alike.

It is rapidly growing and already caters to over 100 million monthly users.

That said, not everyone can access Twitch for various reasons.

If you want to unblock Twitch.tv or Twitch Prime, your best and easiest solution is to use a VPN.

With a VPN you can unblock Twitch while receiving additional security and privacy layers.


Daniel Krupp

Daniel Krupp is the editor in chief of vpnlocker.com. He Served at an intelligence unit at the US military, specializing in Cyber-Security. This is where he first learned the importance of cyber-security and the tools that should be used to accomplish it. He became an expert in understanding and utilizing VPN’s and other proxies to unblock websites and online services. Daniel consults and writes VPN reviews, VPN guides and useful tricks and hacks for a better, freer internet.


    1. Hi, Twitch TV itself is no different in the US, UK or Canada. It is only recommended that you connect to a server in one of the supported countries which is also closest to your actual location for optimal speed.

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